Part Librarian, Part Graphic Designer ;)

I do not have a full program-load with my position yet as I am still being eased into things since coming in the middle of their regularly scheduled programs. So, I have a bit of extra time as compared to the other children’s librarians here.

We are each assigned sections within the children’s collection that are “ours” to maintain. This is mostly in reference to weeding, making sure we have popular titles, etc. However, this can also mean promoting the materials! I got lucky (in my opinion!) and I get to be in charge of juvenile fiction, graphic novels, and the “I can read” or easy reader section. With my extra time this week, I decided to practice graphic design skillz in order to help promote some of these sections. I have been able to do graphic design in past library jobs in order to make displays and flyers, and while I have always loved doing it, I have never been great at it.

THEN, an adult librarian coworker recommended the site canva.com. And lemme tell you, the skies opened up and heaven sang down. This site is not only SO FUN, it also makes it really easy to make some pretty good looking signs.

We get sooo many requests for Captain Underpants, Elephant and Piggie, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid that we can hardly keep these books on the shelves and I have to deal with many disappointed patrons who claim it is “ALLLLL I WANTED!” So, I decided to make some read-a-like signs to help these patrons. Here they are below!






And seriously.. try out Canva!


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