Preschool Storytime

Preschool Storytime – Magic!

Preschool Storytime

This storytime was SO much fun that I did it 5 times! Haha! After it went so well during Preschool Storytime, I decided to do it with 4 of my outreaches. Each time was a huge success!

Talk about Magic

Before each storytime I like to give the kids a chance to talk about what they know about the subject. It helps get all of us excited.

Use Magic wand to “poof” preschoolers into animals!

I actually only did this once. We weren’t deep enough into the storytime or the idea of “magic” for them to care quite yet it seems. Also I heard “Your magic doesn’t work!” (Fair!) But I bet it would have gone better if I told them to use their imagination like I do later in the storytime.

 “Hat Trick”

Magic, magic, in my hat!
I’ll pull out a rabbit – (pull anything other than a rabbit)
Ahhhh! What is that?!
(repeat until ready for the rabbit)
Magic, magic, in my hat!
I’ll pull out a rabbit –
See! Look at that!
Credit: SLC Book Boy

Oh man, they loved this! Whenever I brought out something other than a rabbit they loved to scream out what it was and laugh. I used finger puppets for all of the animals besides the rabbit so they would fit in the hat and while I said the rhyme I held the hat up high so no animals could be spotted inside.

The Magic Hat by Mem Fox

This book was always generally well received. I had to explain what was happening in the beginning because the full, busy illustrations sometimes led to the preschoolers “missing” seeing the people being poofed into animals from the hat.

Chalk in Hand- drawing story

The magician has an empty hat. (draw an upside down magic hat)

Turned upside down, with a brim like that.

Then suddenly a head appears,               (draw round circle)

With two bright eyes.                              (draw eyes in circle)

And two long ears.                                 (draw rabbit ears)

And a small round nose.                         (draw nose)

And whiskers too,                                   (draw whiskers)

And magic stories just for you.                (put the word, ‘magic” in the hat)

Chalk in Hand by Phyllis NoePflomm

I did this on a whiteboard and stopped after each phrase so they could try to guess what was coming out of the hat. I switched up the order the first time so that the ears would be the last clue. Then, the second time I would say the rhyme all the way through in the correct order, erasing each part as I said it so that by the end it would be “disappeared”!

Magic Finger Rhyme

Magic finger in the air

Magic finger in my hair

Magic finger on my hip

Magic finger on my lip

Credit: Youth Literature

Milo’s Hat Trick by Jon Agee

This book is a little long, so I did not do it with my daycare outreach. However, during Preschool Storytime it went great and they were able to pay attention.

Sleeping Bunnies Song after “poof” into bunnies

See the little bunnies sleeping til it’s nearly noon

Come and let us gently wake them with this merry tune

Are they ill?

They’re so still….

Wake up bunnies!

And hop, hop, hop.

Wake up little bunnies and hop, hop, hop (x4)

After the bunnies, I would “poof” them into other sleeping animals such as fishies who would swim after waking and elephants who would stomp after waking. It was a hit!

Magic Box by Katie Cleminson

This one was okay! Short and sweet, not a lot of responses to it.


We Wave Our Scarves Together

Popcorn Kernals

This Is The Way We Wash

Magic trick

I filled a plastic bag with water and poked sharpened pencils through it. Beforehand, I asked what they thought would happen if I poked pencils into a bag of water then I said I will do magic and no water will come out.

 Closing Song

Storytime is over clap your hands

Storytime is over clap your hands

Storytime is done, I hope that you had fun

Storytime is over clap your hands


Magic Wands

Large popsicle sticks with yellow paper stars to glue to the top and glitter and gems to glue to the stick.




Preschool Storytime

Preschool Yoga Storytime – Jungle

My very first preschool yoga storytime was so much fun! To be sure it was wild, wild, wild too. There was one little one who literally screamed the entire time, only maybe 40% of the kids were doing a pose at any one time, and the room was filled! However, all this only made it better in my opinion! I loved the energy and the excitement in the room. My goal is not to turn these kids into little yoga experts or any deep lesson at all. I just want to have fun, move around, and think a little deeper for a second about our bodies or breathing or thoughts.

Before we started, I tried to ‘set the stage’ a little bit. Here were the general announcements:

1.) This storytime is designed to focus on early literacy skills and movement. Yoga poses and stretching greatly benefit young children by helping to increase their focus, increase body awareness, improve coordination, and develop techniques to calm down.

2.) I encourage all adults to participate with their child in at least the partner poses if not entire storytime.

3.) No one is expecting perfection or skill, the focus is on trying! Some poses may make us fall down, tip over, or slip! That is ok! Get back up when you can and rejoin.

4.) If it hurts or feels bad please stop! Listen to what your body is saying.

Then we jumped right in!

  1. Welcome Song: Hello Friends

Hello friends,

Hello friends,

Hello friends,

It’s time to say hello!

  1. Breathing Activity (Prayanama): Lion’s Breath

I started this breathing exercise by talking about times we get angry and how this breathing can help us feel calmer and get rid of bad or hurtful feelings inside of us.

Kneeling on the floor, sitting upright, hands should be relaxed on your lap. Inhale through your nose. Open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out and exhale strongly while making a “Haaaa” sound.

  1. Partner Poses: Forward Folds (I wanted to do this but ended up skipping it because I got too nervous to feel like I was “making” the adults do stretches. There were many grandparents in attendance and I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad.. I still love the idea and hope I will try it next time)
  2. Stick to the Glue song

Stomping feet, one and two
Stomping feet, one and two
But if my feet were covered in glue
I’d stick to the glue, my darling.

Clapping hands, one and two
Clapping hands, one and two
But if my hands were covered in glue
I’d stick to the glue, my darling
(hands in Anjali mudra, or prayer position) (from yogibrarian)

  1. Hello Stretch/Sun Salutations

(Call and Response)
Butterfly up.
Butterfly down.
Jump back..
Plank pose.
Downward dog.
Upward dog.
Downward dog.
Jump forward.
Butterfly up.

Breathe in and out your nose.
Stand tall in mountain pose.
Take a break. Take a rest.
Salutations are the best.
Breathe in and out your nose.
Stand tall in mountain pose.
Take a break. Take a rest.
Salutations are the best

  1. Book: Walking Through the Jungle by Julie Lancome
  2. Yoga re-telling of book
    1. Poses:
      1. Enter Jungle: Tall Grass/Tree Pose
      2. Cobra Pose
      3. Tiger Pose (Cat/Cow with growl)
      4. Elephant Pose (Forward Fold with hands together, swing trunk)
      5. Lion’s pose
      6. Monkey Pose (squat, rock side to side with monkey noises)
      7. Crocodile Pose (crocodile pose)
  1. Book: There was an Old Monkey Who Swallowed a Frog by Jennifer Ward
  2. One New Pose: Frog Pose (Jumping while squatting)
  3. Activity: Monkey Toes/Toe-ga (Skipped this because the room was too wild and too many kids! I want to try with a smaller group another time)
  4. When I Stretch Up rhyme

When I stretch up, I feel so tall.
When I bend down, I feel so small.
Taller, taller, taller, taller.
Smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller.
Into a tiny ball.

From Storytime Katie

  1. Relax Poses
    1. Happy Baby
    2. Beanbag belly breaths
  2. Rest/Savasana: Walk through the Jungle, What do we see?
  3. Goodbye Rhyme: Peace begins with Me

Hold both hands overhead. On the word “peace,” touch the thumbs and pinky fingers together. On the word “begins,” touch the thumbs and ring fingers. On the word “with,” touch the thumbs and middle fingers. On the word “me,” touch the thumbs and pointers. Repeat this four times, the first time loudly and hands overhead. The second time, bring the hands down a little and speak a little softer. The third time, bring hands lower and whisper. The last time, bring hands to knees and speak words silently to self.

(Kids Yoga Guide Teacher Training)

  1. Coloring Page/Small Activity
Preschool Storytime

Preschool Storytime – The Moon!


I feel such a strong love for the moon that I couldn’t help but to make my first storytime of the fall cycle on the moon! When working in preschools, I would have so many discussions with children about the moon. It was the perfect mix of mysterious and visible for them that resulted in many great insights and joys. This storytime was able to also form so many great conversations, observations, and sharing about the moon. I would much rather have conversations with the kids throughout my storytime even if that means needing to skip or change my original schedule so I found this storytime a success! I did the moon storytime for my first outreach with four year olds at a local daycare and at the library for preschool storytime.

One strength of the storytime was using the kitten puppet before and after the story Kitten’s First Full Moon. The kids LOVED to talk to the kitten after the story to ask it questions about what happened in the story! Did she really get hurt when she fell down the steps?? They also loved giving her advice for next time “Do not jump into a pond, only drink from it!” or “Next time ask for some catfood!” It was truly a delight to watch and also an amazing opportunity for literacy and comprehension.

For next time, I want to incorporate more ‘known songs’. While my songs were fun and very on theme, I want to be able to get more children and parent involvement which I think would be improved by songs they already know or songs I can repeat and teach them over many storytimes!

  • Hello Friends

Hello friends,

Hello friends,

Hello friends,

It’s time to say hello

  • Talk about moon yesterday!
  • Hey Diddle Diddle felt rhyme (skipped for outreach)
  • Kitten Puppet
  • Kittens First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes
  •  Kitten Puppet
  • If You’re Going to the Moon
    Sing to: If You’re Happy and You Know It

If you’re going to the moon, wear your boots (stomp stomp)
If you’re going to the moon, wear your boots
If you’re going to the moon, this is what you have to do
If you’re going to the moon, wear your boots

…wear your suit (ziiiip!)
…wear your gloves (clap clap)
…wear your helmet (pat your head)


  • I’m Going Out in Space

Sing to: Farmer in the Dell

I’m going out in space
I’m going out in space
I think I’ll see a planet there
I’m going out in space


  • Way Out There by Oliver Jeffers
  •  Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Zoom, zoom, zoom,

We’re going to the moon

Zoom, zoom, zoom

We’re going to the moon

If you want to take a trip,

climb aboard the rocketship

Zoom, zoom, zoom

We’re going to the moon.

  •  5 Little astronauts (w/ finger puppets)
    • I got this rhyme and the images from I printed the images on cardstock then hot glued a felt finger thing-y to the back!

1 astronaut when out to play

on the moon so far away

he had such galactic fun

that he called for another astronaut to come

  •  Mooncake by Frank Asch (Higher, Higher for outreach)
  • Parachute (skipped for outreach)

Focus on “slow” and “fast” while moving the parachute to “Moon, Moon, Moon” by Laurie Berkener off of her Victor Vito CD

  • Closing Song

Storytime is over clap your hands

Storytime is over clap your hands

Storytime is done, I hope that you had fun

Storytime is over clap your hands

  • Craft (skipped for outreach)

Straw Rockets

  • Play (skipped for outreach)
Preschool Storytime

Picnic Preschool Storytime

Eep! My first preschool storytime at my new position! I am just a tad bit excited!

This late June storytime will be focused on PICNICS! Who doesn’t love a good picnic? Within the realm of picnics we are able to talk about ants, talk about food, and play lots of pretend.



ants at the picnicmouse's first summerbest picnicever           

Ants at the Picnic: Counting by Tens (Non-fiction)

            By: Michael Dahl, Illustrated by: Zachary Trover

Mouse’s First Summer

By: Lauren Thompson, Illustrated by: Buket Erdogan

The Best Picnic Ever

By: Clare Jarrett



5 Red Strawberries (Felt Rhyme)

Five red strawberries, sweet to the core.
Bear came and ate one and then there were four.

Four red strawberries, growing near a tree.
Bear came and ate one and then there were three.

Three red strawberries, for you and you and you.
Bear came and ate one and then there were two.

Two red strawberries, sitting in the sun.
Bear came and ate one and then there was one.

One red strawberry, left all alone.
Bear came and ate it and then there were none.

Ants Go Marching! (Action)

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah! Hurrah!
The ants go marching one by one, hurrah! Hurrah!
The ants go marching one by one,
The little one stops to suck his thumb,
And they all go marching down, to the ground, to get out of the rain.
(two, tie his shoe; three, climb a tree; four, shut the door; five, take a dive) 

The Ant Hill (Fingerplay)

Here is the ant hill (make a fist with one hand)

With no ants about

And I say

(cup hands to mouth)

“Little ants won’t you please come out”

Out they come trooping

In answer to my call


(raise fingers of hand)

And that’s all!


Going On a Picnic (Play)

Going on a picnic,
Gotta pack a lunch.
What should we bring to munch, munch, munch?

(Last Verse)
Ready for a picnic,
Ready with a lunch,
Now we’re ready to munch, munch, munch!

Credit: Harris County Public Library


Rhythm Sticks


Pretend-Cherry Pie

Craft includes a paper plate that children can glue red tissue paper onto for the cherry pie filling. Then, use brown strips of construction paper, pre-cut, to lie in a grid across the top of the pie to make the lattice crust. Finally top with a cotton ball or two to make whipped cream.



Hello Song

The Best Picnic Ever

5 Red Strawberries

Mouse’s First Summer

Going on a Picnic

Ants at the Picnic

The Ant Hill

The Ants Go Marching

Rhythm Sticks to Music


Free Play

(Books on display/offered for checkout: Good News, Bad News by Jeff Mack; We’re Going on a Picnic by Pat Hutchins; The Bunnies’ Picnic by Lezlie Evans; Picnic by John Burningham)


❤ Darcy